Introducing Fast Fashion Partners

Fast Fashion Partners is your international partner for the design, development and production of clothing. We offer:

  • High quality and competitively priced clothing
  • Delivered on time, every time
  • High service standards
  • One-stop supply chain solution for private fashion labels

We are located in Belgium, close to the German and Dutch borders, and have a fully equipped facility in Ningbo, China. Get to know our brands – Vila Joy and Someone – and read more about our services

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Introducing our brands: Vila Joy and Someone

Vila joy

Looking for clothing to brighten your day? Vila Joy is everyday fashion for contemporary women who want to bring joy to their wardrobe. Every modern woman wants to be comfortable and look stylish – and you can with Vila Joy.
Perfect fits, stunning colours and fashionable silhouettes easily take the Vila Joy woman from day to night – and at a competitive price that instantly puts a smile on your face.


Someone is a unique label for everyone aged 2 to 16. Good or bad, cute or cool, edgy or fun, a rebel or an angel, the brand appeals to kids of all ages, no matter what the occasion.
And parents can relax knowing that the Someone label delivers high-quality affordable clothing with an eye for detail that kids love.